Tuesday 19 April 2016

Exciting New Constructions from Elio Kayaks for 2016

Exciting New Constructions from Elio Kayaks for 2016

For 2016 all Elio Racing Kayaks are made in One-Piece Construction with vacuum.

See inset,  that means no internal seam resulting in a stronger, stiffer, & more robust kayak.

The Basic construction (Fibreglass/Sphertex/Polyester)  has been discontinued for racing kayaks, the current range of constructions offered are as follows:

Club: Carbon or Carbon kevlar on cockpit, Epoxy corecork vacuum 

Special Club: Carbon kevlar on cockpit, Epoxy sphertex PVC vacuum 

River: Kevlar and/or Carbon Kevlar, epoxy vacuum.

Sport: Carbon/Glassfibre/PVC/Epoxy vacuum 

SSC: Special carbon, Epoxy vacuum

Marathon: PVC/Carbon/Carbon Kevlar or Kevlar/ epoxy vacuum.

Prices start in Club construction from:

€1740 for K1's,

€2150 for K2's

Prices include VAT, Packaging, Insurance & transport from Portugal. 

Racing K1 Models & Sizes available:

SPRINT  K1 sizes S/M/ML/L/XL and XXL  (range caters for 50-110kg)

Sonic K1  New for 2015/6* ML, L & XL available (see photos below - M available later 2016)

Supra K1 New for 2016* L, XL available, (competitive masters K1-40cm wide, M & ML available later 2016))

Junior K1s 55-XS/Hannah/Titan/Titan Evo/Penguin (caters for 25-65kg)

Racing K2 Models available:


Stable/Masters/Beginners K1 Models available:

Cobra K1 3 x models 60 / 55 / 51cm 
Dolphin K1 44cm
Puma K1  42cm

Choose your colours & design using the interactive tool at http://www.eliokayaks.com/customization/?lang=en

For Marathon paddlers obsessed with light weight! Gel coat colours add a slight bit of weight so for lightest kayak choose clear Gel. 

Current lead times on new constructions; circa 3-5 weeks.

Late Spring Order will be submitted by Mid May. 

Feel free to call me at 087 7565578 or via info@kayakmor.ie

Thanks for looking.

Jim M.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Courses and Tours 2016

Look forward to see in you afloat - Jim
Please contact me at 087 7565578 if you have any questions about tours, boat/paddle sales & kayak skills courses.
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Half Day Kayak Tours
Our Menlo Pier Tour on lake Corrib is a mix of open water paddling, island hopping, navigating rocky and reedy channels, observing nature and enjoying stunning vistas. The kayak is the perfect craft to explore shallow bays & inlets normally out of the reach of lake boats. No previous experience is needed and we tailor our tours to the abilities of paddlers.
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Level 1 Kayaking Skills Course (full days course)
Sunday 24th April
Sunday 22nd May
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Dusk Tours
Starting in May
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Level 2 Kayaking Skills Course 
Training day 1 - Sunday 1st May
Training day 2 & assessment - Sunday 8th May
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