Sunday 29 March 2015

Kayakmór Easter Newsletter


Time to dust off the winter cobwebs, join us for a kayak tour this Easter.
We are taking tours and running courses over the Easter holidays, don't miss out! book here

Lough Corrib Kayak Tour 
Tour starting from Lisloughrey Pier, Cong
Friday 3rd April
Starting at 10:00-13:00
Cost €50 per person
Contact us to book 087 7565578
Everyone welcome
Forward Stroke Clinic
Sunday 19th April

This clinic will use a mix of land (including paddling machine) & water based coaching to gain immediate improvements for faster and more efficient paddling.
We will be focusing on use of the wing paddle but the technique applies to normal flats paddles as well.
Venue: Lough Corrib near Headford. Meet at Trading post/MACE garage 1 mile south of Headford on N84.
Cost €75
11:00HRS - 16:00HRS
Includes light lunch. boats & kayaking gear provided
Few days free over the Easter Holidays join us for our Kayak training days
Level 1 & 2  Kayak Skills Course, perfect for the beginner 7th & 8th April
Kayakmor Surf Ski 
Our Brand new fleet of MAZU & SIPRE Surf Skis have just arrived from Portugal. We will be offering trips and surf ski courses starting shortly. Details are coming very soon.
Elio Albatross MK. II (light use) Racing Sea Kayak (Carbon Kevlar construction)
Red 7 Spec surf ski (used) Fibreglass Lifesaving Spec ski fits 29-32” leg,
Archer Racing K1 Large (New) Fibreglass Vanquish II
Composite Double Sea Kayak – Kaskazi Duo. (New

Fenn Mako Millenium
Interested in viewing/try out? Send PM, or drop us a line at 087 7565578 or
I am up Dublin regularly. Please see our face book page for photo's

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